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Digital Variable Multisystem airconditioning - DVM

DVM Cape Town Airconditioning

What is DVM?

Digital Variable Multisystem.

The Samsung DVM system has been developed to enhance comfort, while reducing energy consumption in commercial applications.

The Samsung DVM system utilizes Variable Refrigerant Flow technology to allow up to a maximum of 60 indoor units to be connected to a series of outdoor units.

Cape Town Airconditioning DVM plus

Variable Refrigerant Flow products, such as the Samsung DVM Plus IV system, are uniquely suited to large commercial buildings where occupancy and building loads are constantly changing. Office buildings, hospitals, condominiums, hotels and schools are just a handful of perfect applications for the DVM Plus IV.

All of these aforementioned buildings feature areas where individual indoor units can be installed. Each indoor unit is then capable of being controlled to a different temperature setting and a different fan speed to suit either the building load or the desires of the individual user to maintain optimal comfort. When rooms, offices or floors are unoccupied, the indoor units can simply be turned off, which saves energy and lengthens the life of the system.

Multiple capacities and styles of indoor units are available to suit both room size and load, and also the room usage. Styles of indoor units range from the classic wall-mounted type, multiple styles of ceiling cassette-type, and the flexible ducted-type. Capacities range from 7,000 Btu/h for the smallest of rooms, to 48,000 Btu/h for the larger spaces.

The outdoor units are powered by the reliable Copeland® Digital Scroll compressor. This extremely efficient compressor features DVI(Digital Vapor Injection) for the DVM Plus III and III HR systems. The compressor allows the modulation of capacity from 10% to 100%. Capacity is modulated every 20 seconds to ensure a swift response to changing occupancy and building loads. These compressors provide exceptional EER and COP levels, and when combined with the capacity modulation feature, outstanding energy savings will always be achieved, regardless of the occupation level of the building.

The DVM Plus IV systems have a wide range of controlling options to choose from, ranging from the simple wired-remote controller on a wall controlling an individual indoor unit to a full BMS (Building Management System) controlling multiple locations with power monitoring and internet access control of the equipment.

The DVM Plus IV and III HR systems provide flexible, easy to install and simple-to-operate solution to the ever-changing requirements for comfort. Couple this with exceptional energy-saving features and the Samsung DVM systems become the perfect answer.

  • Vapour injection
  • Turbo Intercooler
  • Highest Capacities in Industries
  • Custom design
  • Able to serve up to 64 indoor units
  • C.O.P 4.57 Heating 3.96 Cooling
  • Improved subcooling
  • Improved heating capability
  • 20 % higher than previous DVM's
  • Each unit can be custom designed to clients specifications
  • One condensing unit
  • Suitable for green demands electrical savings
Digital Variable Multisystem airconditioning - VRV

DAIKIN VRV (Cape Town Airconditioning):

Cape Town Airconditioning VRV

VRV III-Designed for large-sized buildings

Daikin proudly introduces the VRV III series, which is well-suited to large-sized buildings. This air conditioning system provides outdoor units that extend air conditioning capacity up to 54 HP. It also incorporates numerous outstanding features, such as a wide range of outdoor and indoor units, long actual and total piping length, and high external static pressure. The VRV III series provides the power and versatility you need for flexible design and easy installation in large-sized buildings. The Heat Recovery Series also enables simultaneous cooling and heating, meeting the various needs for temperature control.

VRV III-C-Designed for low outdoor temperature use

Daikin has extended its range of VRV air conditioning systems with the technologically advanced VRV III-C inverter controlled heat pump system, designed specially for installation in cold climates. The VRV III-C provides highly efficient heating in outdoor temperatures as low as -25 °C. It features newly developed 2-stage compression technology, providing better heating performance.

VRV III-Designed for high outdoor temperature use

The VRV III series has specially designed models for high outdoor temperatures, with an extensive capacity ranging from 8 to 36 HP. Cooling operations in this range can be performed with outdoor temperatures as high as 50°C. This series incorporates Daikin's latest technologies, including long piping and high external pressure, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

  • VRV III-A system responds to the needs of large-sized buildings
  • Large capacities for large-sized buildings
  • Outdoor units with capacities of up to 54 HP
  • Wide range of indoor units / Connect up to 64 indoor units
  • Long piping length / Level differences
  • High external static pressure
  • High COPs/ Energy savings
  • VRV III-Designed for high outdoor temperature use
  • Little restrictions
  • Versatile
  • Various indoor units to be used
  • 1 Condensing unit
  • Ease of installation
  • Better performance
  • Electrical savings
  • Various climate conditions