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CAPE TOWN DUCT MANUFACTURERS specialises in airconditioning ducting as well as other types of ducting. To help you understand the different ducting options available read the below airconditioning ducting article...

CAPE TOWN DUCT MANUFACTURERS also specialises in fire rated ducting.

Rectangular Airconditioning Ducting

Rectangular airconditioning ducting has and is being used in many building and homes across South Africa.
There is a trend to use round airconditioning ducting but rectangular airconditioning ducting is still the best choice to make in areas with limited space due to the fact that rectangular airconditioning ducts use less space. For example when working in wall cavities or above ceilings.

CAPE TOWN AIRCONDITIONING'S duct designers and airconditioning ducting installers have the skills and expertise from years of experience to know the correct ducting type to use for every job.

Round or Spiral Airconditioning Ducting

Spiral ducting has become the trend in the ducting industry. Round airconditioning ducting has surpassed rectangular airconditioning ducts due to improved efficiency, cost and air quality benefits.

Spiral airconditioning ducting has the follow advantages...

  • Less chance of air leakages at joints.
  • Improved effeciency and lower costs of running.
  • More even airflow and distribution of air flow.
  • More fresh air intake reducing the risk of "sick buildings"
  • Less noise breakout.
  • Easier to clean therefore cheaper maintenance costs.
  • Cost of installation can be less.

Spiral airconditioning ducting has also become something of a fashion statement in building design. Many trendy cafes and hip furnishing stores now use exposed spiral ducting as a contemporary look.

Flexible Airconditioning Ducting

Flexibile airconditioning ducts are used to attach supply air outlets to the rigid ductwork.
Regulations limit their length.
Flexible airconditioning ducts are normally made of flexible plastic over a metal wire coil to make round, flexible duct. A protective layer surrounds the insulation.

CAPE TOWN DUCT MANUFACTURERS provides services to Cape Town and surrounding areas including the West Coast,Northern Cape,Southern Cape, Overberg and Winelands areas.